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Why Should You Outsource Human Resources?

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Accent Employer Solutions is your BEST choice for HR, whether you simply hire us as your outsourced payroll and HR Department,  or whether you use us as your licensed “PEO”, also known as a Professional Employer Organization.  A PEO inexpensively “leases your employees back to you”.  The small fee we charge for this is amazingly affordable compared to handling human resources, benefits, worker’s comp, payroll, and federal and state interaction yourself. You are spared numerous liabilities and claims that are absorbed by us when we become your PEO, even to the extent we pay those claims if we lose them.  You never lose control of your employees, because you are still their employer from a standpoint of hiring and directing them.  Instead,  you are freed from an unending onslaught of day-to-day human resources tasks, and your people love the stability of a great HR and benefits team that feels like a Fortune 100 HR department.

We can also help your benefits and worker’s comp costs go down drastically because you get to access our volume-driven costs so that the cost of our fees are even less. Subtract the salaries of staff who would have to do all the HR, and using a great PEO makes all the sense in the world for your business.

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