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ASO Service

What is an ASO service?

An administrative services organization, or ASO service, provides an experienced, highly trained HR team for your business. Your new HR team can perform a range of complicated tasks, including payroll, workers’ compensation administration, compliance, benefits administration and much more. ASO services are effective for any business of any size, but they are particularly useful for smaller companies. New business owners often find themselves swamped with HR-related tasks, and without proper expertise to manage them. An ASO service can remove this burden from business owners and allow them to focus on other business-related matters.

The difference between an ASO and a professional employer organization

An ASO service is similar to a professional employer organization, or PEO, but there is one major difference. Where a PEO acts as the employer of record for their client’s employees, the client remains the employer of record when working with an ASO. In other words, there is no co-employment that is the central feature of a PEO.

Even without co-employment, though, an ASO can help manage the liabilities that their client retains. For instance, an ASO service can help file and organize tax forms on the client’s behalf. That’s because an ASO service assigns a small, but expert, HR team to the client. This HR team provides everything an employer would expect from their HR personnel, and the company doesn’t have to invest in training or recruiting to build their own team.

Though they operate a bit differently, both ASO and PEO services provide immediate and long term value to their clients.

What can an ASO service do for a business?

Business administration is ongoing. There are critical tasks to handle every day, even among small companies. An ASO service is ready to handle them and can perform a comprehensive array of duties for their client. Some of those duties include:

  • Payroll – An ASO service can deliver payroll in several ways, can work with salary adjustments like bonuses, collect information for tax compliance and retain pay for withholding or judgments.
  • Benefits – An ASO service can help companies organize and deliver benefits packages and can work with employees to modify their benefits as they see fit.
  • Workers’ compensation – An ASO service can process claims and assist employees with obtaining compensation.
  • Additional services -These services include things like compliance, safety administration and reporting.

Why should companies consider an ASO service?

A reputable ASO service can cover all of the HR bases for a company, handling the busy work and complicated tasks that come with business management. There are major benefits to working with an ASO service, including:

  1. Instant HR team – New business owners are often unprepared for the administrative work that comes along with running a company. This is a problem that reaches across every industry, and it can be tough for startups to allocate the resources needed to recruit and train HR personnel, and many find it prohibitively expensive. An ASO service is a cost-effective alternative to this problem, allowing business owners to secure an HR team right away, and without investing in recruiting or training. The ASO service provides HR experts that are ready to manage your company’s administrative tasks from day one. A common question that ASO services get is “will my company outgrow my ASO?” What new business owners often find is that an ASO service can provide HR expertise even as the company grows. If additional HR experts are required, the ASO service can provide them, and even a team of two or three is enough for most small and medium sized businesses. In short, most companies won’t outpace their ASO service, even after years of steady growth.
  2. Administrative expertise – HR is responsible for a staggering array of duties. When recruiting HR personnel, company owners often have trouble articulating what they need from their new hires. This can lead to bad hires and essential administrative jobs going unaddressed, which can lead to serious compliance oversights. An ASO service only provides experienced, knowledgeable people for your company, so there’s no doubt whether a certain job will be handled. Your new HR team takes the lead and ensures everything is in order on the administrative side. Every company has their own administrative needs, and a reputable ASO service will work with their client to meet those needs. In this way, an ASO service is a solutions provider that builds out custom service packages, and not just one-size-fits-all solutions.
  3. Additional experts when needed – A reputable ASO service should pride itself on providing the kind of expertise that’s difficult to recruit. However, in the rare instances that’s not enough, the ASO service can link their client to experts like risk management specialists and employment attorneys. In short, there are no administrative blind spots when working with an ASO, and employers can rely on them to offer insight in almost every situation.
  4. Software support – Some ASO services also offer companion software for easier employee management and business administration. In most cases, these software offerings have been developed by the ASO service, so it is built to maximize administrative efficiency. An ASO’s software solutions are useful for both employer and employee. On the employer’s side, the ASO can perform essential onboarding tasks, verify documents like confidentiality agreements and non-competes and configure employee privileges. Employees can track important records like compensation, benefits and performance evaluations. Employees can also update their personal information and quickly get contact information for other people on their team. ASO software can also assist with applicant tracking and recruitment, organize the interview process, track team and individual performance, create incentives and provide immediate feedback to employees.

An ASO service represents an immediate upgrade to a company’s administrative efficiency. Business owners have a lot on their plate, and administration is not something that many owners want to work on. An ASO service is a perfect solution for these businesses, ensuring the company runs efficiently and smoothly.

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