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Accent Employer Solutions Is BETTER Than Just A Payroll Service!

Why Use Accent Employer Solutions for your payroll solutions?  It’s simple.  We do so much more for clients at so little cost, with absolutely amazing results.  Ask about our low-cost premium HR consulting available to payroll clients, and your small business is suddenly empowered with great resources that cost so much less than conventional solutions.

  • Better than conventional payroll services
  • Complex or simple, we administer your payroll end-to-end
  • No setup fees or lengthy contracts
  • Loaded features with world-class web-based payroll and HR platform

Take Advantage Of Our $89 Payroll Services!

Low Flat Rate With No Hidden Fees

$89 Per Payroll And Covers Up to 29 Employees

Interface And Export to Your Own Accounting System

Multiple Payroll Options For Your Business

Tax Filing And Tax Reporting

Your Own Personal Payroll Team

Job Cost And Reporting

24 Hour Client Web Access Anywhere

Multiple Payroll Options

We will deliver checks directly (without annoying fees), direct deposit into employee checking accounts, savings accounts or credit unions (payroll amounts can be split between accounts), or issue a monetary credit to debit cards. This can be important to employees in industries where it may be difficult to deliver paychecks. Plus, a debit card is a great way to pay employees that may not have a bank account. In addition, multiple debit cards may be used, which an employee may utilize for a student away at college or someone in another country.

Flexible Payroll System

Our world-class, web-based payroll platform allows you to enter time and any bonus, commission or other salary adjustments quickly and efficiently. We then take over from there. You can process raises online separately from payroll and rely on the proper computation at payroll time. Employees can access their own records through the web and make any personal changes such as address, bank account changes, withholding changes or, at your discretion, they can be made by you. You have the flexibility to control how and who can access the various data in the system.

Tax Administration

Agencies such as the IRS, state workforce commissions, or financial institutions look to us for proper and timely payment of withholding amounts. Courts also look to us for payments of garnishments, child support or directed payments for judgments.
You’ll never again have to worry about missing a payroll tax deadlines, government audits, deduction computations, and other inconveniences that slow down your business’s operations.

Payroll services ensure your company remains in compliance

The use of Payroll services or PEOs continue to gain popularity with small and mid-sized business owners, as government compliance becomes more complex and arduous. The savings in both productivity and possible fines often substantially lowers the business’s overhead costs. Additionally, many payroll services, especially those that are full PEOs offer support to meet compliance of immigration and healthcare laws. According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), nearly 200,000 businesses are partnered with a PEO. These companies are not only secure in their government compliance, but also enjoying the cost savings and productivity boost that often comes with working with a PEO.

What payroll services offer companies

Payroll services act like an employer’s own in-house payroll team. The only difference is this team is managed by a third party wholly dedicated to payroll. This means companies no longer have to put together their own payroll infrastructure and can instead rely on a PEO’s proven practices. In almost all cases, this saves the company money and time. It also allows the business to maintain compliance with both state and federal agencies. Here are some of the payroll services a PEO can provide to a company:

Overseeing tax administration

PEOs are experienced with state and federal tax regulations. These services ensure withholding is managed properly and is paid out on time. Payroll services can pay out child support, judgments, and wage garnishments in accordance with any court orders.

Providing multiple payroll options

Payroll services can deliver pay in one of several ways, depending on employee and employer preference. This includes sending out checks, making direct deposits into employee checking or savings accounts, or issuing a debit or credit card.

Making immediate salary adjustments for an employee

Reputable PEOs ensure their clients always have complete control over their employees’ salary, commission and bonus adjustments. This is usually done through a remote, web-based platform that can be accessed at any time. Through this platform, the employer can make adjustments to a worker’s time, commission or bonus, as well as process raises.

Allowing employees to make changes to their personal information

Employees often need to update their bank account, address or withholding information. Payroll services can provide employees with access to this information, allowing them to make changes as needed. If required, the employer can opt to make these changes on their end. Everything is done to the client’s specifications.

Maintaining payroll records for employee and employer

PEOs keep comprehensive records for their clients. This valuable information can be made accessible to both decision makers and employees.

Monitoring attendance

Payroll services can provide their clients with attendance and time tracking. This can be used for oversight purposes, or to monitor how employee time is utilized.

The benefits of payroll services

Outsourcing payroll is something that nearly every business can benefit from. Inc. Magazine, a leading publication for small businesses, echoes this sentiment, stating that payroll is the No. 1 process for small companies to outsource. There are several reasons why this is the case. For example:


In 2016, the IRS audited close to 2 million small business tax returns, which means compliance is a must. Tax regulations are complex and changing all the time, and businesses of all sizes are expected to keep track of these changes. Payroll services are constantly updating their processes to account for any new regulations, and guarantee tax compliance for their clients.

According to the IRS’ own 2016 data, nearly one million companies of all sizes were assessed fines for tax compliance violations. Outsourcing to professional payroll services can safeguard your company from these fines.

It saves time

Payroll requires perfect accuracy and accountability, both of which demand a lot of time to manage. Partnering with a PEO ensures your HR team is freed up to focus on value-adding processes.

It saves money

Because PEOs save time, they also save money. A payroll solutions provider has set up their workflow to optimize payroll. This extra efficiency is passed on to the business in the form of lower costs.

Enhanced software solutions

Payroll services often have their own software for better management and oversight. This software can be especially helpful for companies that rely on outdated methods to handle their payroll. It also keeps payroll transparent for both employer and employee, so all relevant information is readily available.


Payroll accuracy is not only important for tax compliance, it is also necessary for the company’s own internal audits and financial tracking. Payroll services ensure total accuracy, even with a range of time sheets, pay scales, tax rates, withholdings and benefits.

Get the most out of your employees

Payroll services are a reliable, convenient and inexpensive alternative to handling payroll in-house. Most importantly, they have reliable, consistent payroll processes in place that guarantee compliance with government agencies. With that kind of peace of mind, business owners can focus on growing their company.

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