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Applicant Tracking

Enhanced Applicant Tracking And Recruitment Process

Through the intuitive user interface, your interview process is made simple to schedule and contact the best candidates. The highly configurable applicant tracking system features allow you to see the most important information regarding applications so that you may successfully track all candidates through all stages of the application process. This system simplifies recruiting tasks and organizes administrator paperwork. Not only does it facilitate monitoring the status of all candidates that have applied, but it makes applications easily accessible by a simple click of a button. They can also identify fulfillment of positions and remaining openings.


  • Fully automates and streamlines the hiring process
  • Select and send the new job opening to the approvers
  • Create job descriptions
  • Follow candidate progress
  • Organize and schedule interviews with the interview calendar
  • One convenient place to follow all recruitment activity


  • View candidate’s resume, notes & attachments, employment history etc.
  • Clearly identifies status of candidate’s applications, facilitates follow-up actionFully configurable
  • Ability to filter applications according to specific job opening titles or by individual candidates
  • Ability to convert candidate’s complete application into PDF format
  • Multiple options for the employer to select based on job requests


  • Track applicant status
  • Approve/Deny/Delay sections
  • Create offer letters
  • Manage resume pools
  • Import resumes from external sources
  • Automatic notifications
  • Template library to specialize recruitment documents and offers
  • Electronic onboarding

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