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About Us

Accent Employer Solutions Is A Provider Of Formidable HR Solutions

Choosing the right staff-leasing provider is a great forward step for employers desiring to save money while outsourcing increasingly complex human resources burdens which often interfere with core business practices.  Accent Employer Solutions, Inc., is a provider of formidable HR solutions ranging from comprehensive PEO services to consulting solutions focusing on specific tasks, such as recruitment, outsourced payroll, and benefits administration.

Whether clients need great healthcare and benefit options, affordable worker’s compensation, multi-state flexibility, effortless payroll systems, or expert human resources assistance, Accent Employee Solutions provides all of these services.  Best of all, our low rates come without complex client billing or hidden fees, while service and attention to our customers are absolutely among the best in the business.

Our History

1987 marked the beginning of the Accent family of companies with the establishment of a professional resume writing service in Houston. The business gradually expanded into six locations throughout Texas and extended itself into the temporary help and subcontract services circa 1994. The first Accent PEO was licensed in 2003 as a result of market demand to have Accent assume a more employment-related risk. Today, the Accent family of companies operates coast to coast and does business in most states as demand for services has blossomed.

The Accent companies’ collective success can be attributed to its highly talented employees and shareholders. Accent’s steady commitment to rewarding valuable employees with strong compensation & ownership opportunities, combined with stellar customer service and market adaptability has resulted in financial stability, steady growth and a large base of satisfied customers.

Today Accent is strategically positioned to help like-minded executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and administrators achieve their objectives while maintaining control, minimizing risks, and gaining consistently impressive, concrete results for an extremely low price!

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