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PEO / ASO Services


Accent Employer Solutions is a multi-state PEO which also offers paycheck processing and HR / back office solutions, also know as ASO services, to small businesses.


If you opt for the PEO service, you are basically “leasing your own employees” back to yourself, with zero disadvantages to you. There are no up-front fees or lengthy contracts, and you don’t lose any control. You simply hire and direct your employees, while we administer all the reporting, compliance, worker’s comp, HR, and whatever benefits, if any, that you choose for them. We handle all the set-up. You will quickly find that this inexpensive service is like having a major league HR department without the expense, plus you can get great savings on worker’s comp and benefit costs. It comes with great software that is so user-friendly and so self-explanatory that you need less training to get to any employee’s details, or to a payroll or job costing report. The software also has great HR features with your name branded on your own employer site. Getting started is simply giving us a phone call, and we will have your preliminary quote back within 24 hours on the PEO service, and slightly longer if you elect benefits.


If you opt for the ASO with paycheck processing service, we can become your HR team and department for your payroll, benefits administration, worker’s comp administration, safety administration, compliance, reporting, and day-to-day HR tasks. The contract is simple, we handle all set-up, and the fees are amazingly affordable because of our efficiencies combined with an ultra-trained 2 or 3 person team who handles your account. The cost is a simple “per employee per month” fee that includes everything, and we can handle multiple locations and states as your business grows. You get access to amazing web-based software that is user-friendly with your own branded HR site. Your employees love the service and responsiveness to their needs. Best of all, we build our services around your vision and your box, rather than fit you into a standard solution. Give us a call and we can usually give you an idea of rates and specifics within minutes.


Accent Employer Solutions provides a 2-3 person team for most clients depending on size who know your account intimately, and are trained to respond to your requests without passing you to different departments and experts. The one point of contact approach is so popular that our clients tend to stay for many years, even decades. Your team is ultra-friendly and has a “rapid response” mentality to your requests. They are backed by higher-level experts whenever you need them, from employment attorneys to benefits and risk management specialists.


Outsourcing your HR, payroll, worker’s comp and benefits has limitless advantages when your business size can’t justify all those experts at the salaries you’d have to pay. Here are just a few of the many great advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Reduction of liabilities / claims exposure
  • Advanced software with your own branded HR site
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved employee performance
  • Centralized records and easy retrieval
  • Scalable, multi-state HR as your business grows
  • HR solutions designed around your business and vision
  • Simplified and transparent invoicing
  • No lengthy contracts, up-front or termination fees
  • Your employee data is portable and always belongs to you
  • *Secure data storage and multi-site back-up



Your branded employer HR site comes with 24-7 web-access, and numerous standard or custom report options from job costing to PTO and more, plus download and export options for your accounting software.  If you wish, your employees can also access their own data in order to view a pay stub, add a dependent, change an address, or request time off.


Your software and branded HR site offers built-in time and attendance that is fully integrated to your payroll system, along with great technology options such as physical time clocks / mobile-based applications and other popular choices.


Besides your branded HR site, there are benefits on-boarding and new employee on-boarding modules that are easily accessible and integrated into your payroll.   Job costing, PTO and payroll reports are easily viewed and downloaded.  Applicant tracking / recruiting and other HR modules can be accessed / added on per your specific needs.


Your data is stored in multiple locations and the software infrastructure redundancies are designed to cope with wide-spread power outages and other emergencies.

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